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October 15, 2017

Research reports

CWP reports (2006-present)

  1. T. Rapstine, Sava, P.C., 2016: Seismic waveform modeling and inversion in acoutstic orthorhombic media, CWP-878.
  2. I. Lim Chen Ning, Sava, P.C., 2016: Multicomponent Distributed Acoustic Sensing, CWP-876.
  3. L. Almeida, M. Wakin, Sava, P.C., 2016: Comparison of sparsity-constrained regularization methods for denoising and interpolation, CWP-872.
  4. E. Diaz, S. Singh, R. Snieder, Sava, P.C., 2016: Imaging the model through wave equations, CWP-869.
  5. E. Diaz, S. Singh, Sava, P.C., 2016: Extended imaging, deconvolution, and two-way wavefields: a comparison, CWP-868.
  6. Y. Duan, Sava, P.C., 2016: 3D angle decomposition for elastic reverse time migration, CWP-866.
  7. Y. Duan, Sava, P.C., A. Guitton, 2016: Elastic least-squares reverse time migration, CWP-865.
  8. D. Rocha, Sava, P.C., J. Shragge, 2016: Passive wavefield imaging using the energy norm, CWP-864.
  9. D. Rocha, N. Tanushev, Sava, P.C., 2016: Anisotropic elastic wavefield imaging using the energy norm, CWP-863.
  10. Y. Duan, Sava, P.C., 2015: Elastic wavefield tomography with physical model constraints, CWP-836.
  11. H. Wang, Sava, P.C., 2015: Pseudo-acoustic wavefield tomography with model constraints, CWP-834.
  12. E. Diaz, Sava, P.C., 2015: Seismic tomography using local correlations, CWP-833.
  13. D. Rocha, N. Tanushev, Sava, P.C., 2015: Elastic wavefield imaging using the energy norm, CWP-832.
  14. D. Rocha, N. Tanushev, Sava, P.C., 2015: Acoustic wavefield imaging using the energy norm, CWP-831.
  15. Y. Duan, Sava, P.C., 2015: Robustness of the scalar elastic imaging condition for converted waves, CWP-830.
  16. Y. Duan, Sava, P.C., 2014: Elastic imaging with OBS receiver-side multiples, CWP-810.
  17. Y. Duan, Sava, P.C., 2014: Imaging condition for elastic RTM, CWP-809.
  18. E. Diaz, Y. Duan, G. Pratt, Sava, P.C., 2014: Image-domain and data-domain waveform tomography: A case study, CWP-803.
  19. Sava, P.C., 2014: A comparative review of wavefield tomography methods, CWP-802.
  20. F. Perrone, Sava, P.C., 2013: Shot-domain 4D time-lapse seismic velocity analysis using apparent image displacements, CWP-762.
  21. Douma, J., Snieder, R., Fish, A., Sava, P.C., 2013: Locating a microseismic event using deconvolution, CWP-756.
  22. Sava, P.C., T. Alkhalifah, 2013: Anisotropy signature in RTM extended images, CWP-753.
  23. F. Perrone, Sava, P.C., 2013: Image warping waveform tomography, CWP-751.
  24. E. Diaz, Sava, P.C., 2013: Wavefield tomography using RTM backscattering, CWP-749.
  25. T. Yang, Sava, P.C., 2013: 3D image-domain wavefield tomography using time-lag extended images, CWP-748.
  26. E. Diaz, Sava, P.C., 2012: Understanding the reverse-time migration backscattering: Noise or signal? CWP-712.
  27. T. Yang, J. Shragge, Sava, P.C., 2012: Illumination compensation for image-domain wavefield tomography, CWP-711.
  28. T. Yang, Sava, P.C., 2012: Image-domain wavefield tomography with extended common-image-point gathers, CWP-710.
  29. F. Perrone, Sava, P.C., 2012: Wavefield tomography based on local image correlations, CWP-709.
  30. F. Perrone, Sava, P.C., C. Andreoletti, N. Bienatti, 2012: Linearized wave-equation migration velocity analysis by image warping, CWP-708.
  31. J. Godwin and Sava, P.C., 2011: A comparison of shot-encoding schemes for wave-equation migration, CWP-683.
  32. Sava, P.C., and T. Alkhalifah, 2011: Wide-azimuth angle-gathers for anisotropic wave-equation migration, CWP-681.
  33. T. Yang and Sava, P.C., 2011: Image-domain waveform inversion with the adjoint-state method, CWP-680.
  34. J. Yan and Sava, P.C., 2010: Analysis of converted-wave extended images for migration velocity analysis, CWP-650.
  35. T. Yang and Sava, P.C., 2010: Wavefield-based migration velocity analysis using extended images, CWP-649.
  36. I. Vasconcelos, Sava, P.C. and H. Douma, 2010: Non-linear extended wave-equation imaging by image-domain seismic interferometry, CWP-647.
  37. F. Perrone and Sava, P.C., 2010: Wave-equation migration with dithered plane waves, CWP-646.
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SEP reports (1997-2006)

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