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July 20, 2021


professional service

2017-present Proposal reviewer National Aeronautics and Space Administration
2021-present Proposal reviewer King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals
2017-present Proposal reviewer Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research
2017-present Proposal reviewer German Reserch Foundation
2014-2019 EAGE Student Fund Board Chair EAGE
2012-2016 Education Officer on the EAGE Board EAGE
2015 Technical Program Committee SEG Summer Research Workshop
2009-2012 Research Committee EAGE
2012 Technical Program Committee SEG Summer Research Workshop
2012 Technical Program Committee EAGE/ACGGP Latin American Geophysics Workshop
2008, 2010 Technical Program Committee SEG Annual Convention
2007 Online education task force Society of Exploration Geophysicists

university service

2021 Vice Provost search committee CSM
2021 AMS Head search committee (chair) CSM
2018-2021 Research Advisory Board CSM
2017 VP RTT search committee CSM
2017 Graduate Dean search committee CSM
2015-2016 Research Task Force CSM
2009-2013 Graduate Council CSM
2007-2010 Honors & Awards committee CSM

department service

2016-2017 Reimagine committee (Chair) CSM, Department of Geophysics
2016 Banfield Chair search committee CSM, Department of Mining Engineering
2014-2018 SWIG faculty advisor CSM, Department of Geophysics
2009-2017 Graduate Advisory Committee CSM, Department of Geophysics
'16 Department Head search committee CSM, Department of Geophysics
'07,'08,'11,'15,'16 Faculty search committee (chair) CSM, Department of Geophysics
2007-2013 ABET accreditation committee CSM, Department of Geophysics
2008-2009 Undergraduate Advisory Committee CSM, Department of Geophysics
2007-2013 SSG faculty advisor CSM, Department of Geophysics

editorial service

2014 Guest editor (Imaging Migration) The Leading Edge
2005-2008 Associate Editor (Letters) Geophysics
2010 Guest editor (HPC) The Leading Edge
2005-2013 Editorial Board Journal of Seismic Exploration
2006-2013 Editorial Board Journal of Applied Geophysics
1998-present Reviewer Geophysics
1998-present Reviewer Geophysical Prospecting
2006-present Reviewer Geophysical Journal International
1998-present Reviewer Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America
1999-present Reviewer Wave Motion
2006-present Reviewer Inverse Problems
2017-present Reviewer Advances in Space Research
2019-present Reviewer Journal of Nondestructive Evaluation

public service

2001-2005 Board of Directors Casa Romana, Hayward, CA

PhD committees

Jihyun Yang PhD Geophysics
Hani Alzahrani PhD Geophysics
Ahmad Askar PhD Geophysics
Can Oren PhD Geophysics
Anna Titova PhD Geophysics
Tugrul Konuk PhD Geophysics
Elizabeth Maag PhD 2020 Geophysics
Alex Jia PhD 2019 Geophysics
Oscar Jarillo PhD 2019 Geophysics
Azar Hasanov PhD 2019 Geophysics
Lia Lajoie PhD 2019 Geophysics
Tong Bai PhD 2019 Geophysics
Vladimir Li PhD 2018 Geophysics
Aline Melo PhD 2018 Geophysics
Paul El Khoury PhD 2018 Geophysics
Kendra Johnson PhD 2017 Geophysics
Xinming Wu PhD 2016 Geophysics
Junwei Zhang PhD 2015 Geophysics
Justin Ridgers PhD 2015 Geophysics
Cericia Martinez PhD 2015 Geophysics
JiaJia Sun PhD 2015 Geophysics
Jieyi Zhou PhD 2015 Geophysics
Chinaemerem Kanu PhD 2014 Geophysics
Alison Knaak PhD 2014 Geophysics
William Woodruff PhD 2014 Geophysics
Patricia Rodrigues PhD 2014 Geophysics
Harry Mahardika PhD 2013 Geophysics
Trevor Irons PhD 2013 Geophysics
Norimitsu Nakata PhD 2013 Geophysics
Filippo Broggini PhD 2013 Geophysics
Xiaoxiang Wang PhD 2012 Geophysics
Mamoru Takanashi PhD 2011 Geophysics
Werner Heigl PhD 2011 Geophysics
Youngzhong Fan PhD 2010 Geophysics
Ritupama Sarkar PhD 2010 Geophysics
Barry Kirkendall PhD 2007 Geophysics
Kurang Mehta PhD 2007 Geophysics

MSc committees

Max Velasques MSc Geophysics
Jonah Bartrand MSc Geophysics
Samir Jreij MSc 2018 Geophysics
Thanyanat Akarapatima MSc 2018 Geophysics
Andrew Pare MSc 2017 Geophysics
Jacob Utley MSc 2017 Geophysics
Colton Kohnke MSc 2016 Geophysics
Jarred Eppehimer MSc 2016 Geophysics
Staci Mueller MSc 2016 Geophysics
Emily Butler MSc 2016 Geophysics
Oscar Jarillo MSc 2015 Geophysics
Paul El Khoury MSc 2014 Geophysics
Guillaume Barnier MSc 2013 Geophysics
Luiz Marcelo Martins MSc 2013 Geophysics
Julio Frigerio MSc 2012 Geophysics
Isabel White MSc 2012 Geophysics
Christopher Engelsma MSc 2010 Geophysics
Ali Araji MSc 2010 Geophysics
Yongxia Liu MSc 2010 Geophysics
Yong Ma MSc 2010 Geophysics
John Mathewson MSc 2008 Geophysics